Gyalyum Chenmo Memorial Cup (GCM)

In 1981, the first club level tournament was organized in loving memory of the late mother of His Holiness (14th) the Dalai Lama - the Gyalyum Chemo Memorial Gold Cup (GCMGC). A special committee was formed to start the tournament. Over the years various bodies took charge of organizing the GCMGC football tournament. Today it is the most prestigious tournament in the Tibetan community.
TNSA came into the picture of organizing the GCMGC in 2003. Today it is fully responsible for organizing this tournament every year. There are more than twenty registered football clubs under TNSA. This is one tournament that involves maximum Tibetan youth and through this tournament, the TNSA selects its national team for participation in tournaments around the world. GCM is a  process of strengthening the mentoring and selection process- both at the school and club levels.
It was held in Dharamsala for the first few years but later started in different tibetan settelements.  The first time, the GCMGC Football Tournament was organized outside Dharamsala was on 13th GCMGC Football Tournament which was organized in Tibetan Colony, Clement Town, Dehradun in 2007. Again, 14th GCMGC Football Tournament was organized in 2008 at Doeguling Tibetan Settlement, Mungod South India. Both tournaments were very successful in every department.

In 2008, the 14th GCMGC Football Tournament was organized in Doeguling Tibetan Settlement, Mundgod.In 2009, the 15th GCMGC Football Tournament was organized back in Dharamsala where Potala FC, Mungod won the tournament by defeating TSAM FC Chennai.

In 2010 edition,the 16th GCMGC Football Tournament was organised by Bylakuppe Settlement where Clementown FC won the tournament by defeating POTALA FC on penalties and clinching the cup once again.

Thus in 2011 it was organised by Doeguling Tibetan Settlement,Mungod where GOLLATHALA FC won the tournament by defeating Clementown FC in the finals in the penalty shoot outs.