Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Is this the year of The Great Noisy Neighbours????

Manchester City started the premiere league season with a thumping 4-0 win over Swansea.The biggest relief for the city fans is the new striker Aguero firing all cylinders in the very first match by scoring two goals and a assist. Hence the Noisy neighbours which are titled to the Manchester City Football Club are now indeed becoming noisy and why not the kind of start to their season kick off. 35 years without trophy which ended last season by holding the FA Cup promises to be a starting point for the Blues and why not so, they defeated their arch rivals in the semis of the FA Cup.

            Roberto Mancini officially had made announcement that two more quality players will be joining city before the end of the transfer season.Samir Nasri as well as Wesley Sneider are being liked with and one cant stand by the fact that city do have the money power to buy both the players by the end of this transfer window thus we can expect many more from city indeed this season. But the main question is "Can City win the Trophies"?
This is the biggest question concerned with Manchestter City as the history speaks of itself that City are nowhere the title challengers till last season where they stood third in the league and qualified for the Champions Leagues.

Will this be the year for the men in blues ? Can they snatch the Trophy from The RED DEVILS? Is this the beginning of an Era of the blues? Can the big money spendings will be fruitful? Do they have the potential of becoming the Champions of Europe?????? There will be many a questions to be raised.City Supporters believe this season is theirs where else the Manchester United fans are reluctant that no one can snatch the trophy from them. The Chelseas,Arsenals,Liverpools and the Spurs will also threaten for the title this year.

But the Main Question still remains unsolved "Is this the year for the Noisy Neighbours"???

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